svarog straw panels in a group

Modular straw panel solution

Sustainable housing finally enabled.

Delivering ecological and sustainable housing with industrial efficiency and scalability.


svarog Modular straw panel solution

best suited for

Small structure

  • Tiny house
  • Garden house

Family House

  • Self-construction house
  • Turn-key house
  • Low-energy A+ house
  • Passive house

development project

  • Town house
  • Apartment building
  • Block of family houses
  • Up to 3 floors when reinforced
  • Up to 7 floors in a skeleton

Public facilities

  • Schools & Dorms
  • Medical & Nursing facilities
  • Community Housing 
  • Farm or Warehouse


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Construction made simpler.

industrial quality and scale


Straw panels are pre-cut and assembled off-site, reducing the amount of time and effort required for on-site construction
quality-controlled factory environment ensures precise production of each straw panel, meeting strict standards for consistency, precision, and structural integrity.
Time savings:
prefabrication enables off-site manufacturing of straw panels, reducing construction time and accelerating project completion.
Cost savings:
prefabrication reduces labour and material waste. The streamlined manufacturing process minimizes errors and optimizes material
Flexible design:
svarog panels are manufactured in different sizes and shapes to meet specific project requirements.
svarog stock operators unload straw panel
svarog construction site with fast to assemble straw panels

easy and fast on-site


Svarog straw panels are designed for efficient and straightforward assembly, and transported to the construction site just-in-time.
No packaging, waste and noise:
faster and cleaner assembly, less noise, dust, and debris results in a more pleasant working environment for construction teams and the surroundings, and extensively reduces waste production.
Construction efficiency:
the ease of assembly translates into improved construction efficiency. Construction teams can work swiftly and seamlessly, reducing downtime and streamlining the overall building process.
Reduced Labor Costs:
simplified assembly process of straw panels requires less specialized labor compared to traditional construction methods.



Straw panels exhibit exceptional durability, a result of high production quality and straw's natural properties.
Structural strength:
engineered to provide excellent structural strength, the panels withstand loads and meet building code requirements and support the weight of the building and maintain their integrity over time.
the density of highly compressed straw combined with good production practises results in panel's enhanced resistance to external elements, specifically pests, mice, moist and most importantly — fire.
Noise insulation:
the density of straw panels makes them high-performance sound insulation, effectively reducing noise, and creating a quieter and more comfortable living or working environment.
svarog engineer prepares a straw panel

Straw panels belong in the modern house

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Benefits of Straw

Build and live green without compromising.

Outstanding insulation properties

Straw has excellent thermal properties, providing insulation that helps regulate temperature and reduce heat loss or gain. Straw panels help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures by minimizing thermal bridging and improving energy efficiency.

Environmentally responsible material

Local sourcing of straw utilizing waste material, reducing reliance on the global market, and avoiding price fluctuations.
Additionally, local sourcing minimizes transportation impacts, supporting regional economies.

Green building financing

Governments and organizations offer incentives for sustainable building practices. Straw panel buildings, as eco-friendly structures using renewable resources, qualify for green building certifications or incentives, including financial rewards like lower interest rates and expedited permit processing.

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About Svarog

At Svarog, we produce locally sourced straw panels that are carefully crafted with the environment in mind. We take pride in our commitment to sustainable practices, and our products reflect this dedication.

We believe that our products are the future of construction, as they offer a CO2-negative alternative to traditional building materials such as concrete, steel, and cinder blocks. Our mission is to supply the market with mass-produced, high-quality, and sustainable replacements for these materials.

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